Hotels In Rome

Hotels In Rome


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Rome is deeply rooted in its past, yet always on the move (even if it’s only down to the bar and back). Everywhere you go, from the Forum to the Pantheon, from Piazza Navona to Piazza del Popolo, from the Trevi Fountain to the Spanish Steps, different slices of history clamor for attention. Yet everywhere, Romans are going about their daily business, so busy juggling chaos that they have hardly a thought to spare for all those old stones.

The city’s architectural history reflects this tug-of-war between past and present. The Theatre of Marcellus is a Renaissance palace built on top of a Roman amphitheatre; Piazza Navona owes its elongated oval shape to the racetrack that once stood here. Nothing was wasted: spare bits of the Colosseum can be found in buildings all over the city – even in St Peter’s.

Things to See in Rome:

– Castel Sant’Angelo, where the popes played at being soldiers;
– The narrow stairs that climb up inside the dome of Saint Peter’s (people were smaller then);
– The magnificent Caravaggios in the churches of Santa Maria del Popolo and San Luigi dei Francesi;
– The Colosseum, to get all those Gladiator fantasies out of your system;
– The Museo Nazionale Romano, recently refurbished and spread over three palazzi, for the best collection of Roman art and sculpture anywhere;
– San Clemente – a triple-decker church that is a living symbol of the city’s talent for adaptation;
– The Pantheon; the only Roman building in the city that kept its hat on;
– Piazza Navona, a Baroque jewel in the shape of a Roman racetrack;
– The Borghese Gallery, if only to see Bernini’s exquisite sculpture of Apollo and Daphne;
– The Vatican Museums, with the Sistine Chapel: Michelangelesque heroics versus papal orthodoxy;

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